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Kizimkazi is a fishing village on Menai bay on the south west of the Southern tip of Unguja Island (Zanzibar Island). The village is most famous as the starting point for Dolphin Safaris (boat trips) where you can actually swim with up to 50 bottlenose and humpback dolphins. If you stay in Kizimkazi this is an amazing experience, if you travel from elsewhere on the Island it is likely that you will arrive late and there will be many boats and little reward.

The dolphin safaris at Kizimkazi are a good example of sustainable eco-tourism as previously the local fishermen used to capture and kill the dolphins, selling the meat to shark fishermen for bait. Tourism is a much more lucrative for them and definitely better for the dolphins!

Kizimkazi has few tourists and virtually no irritations, it has a peaceful atmosphere of the unspoilt tropical paradise that has been lost from much of the Island.

A variety of different activities are available at Kizimkazi including cultural tours and a visit to Kizimkazi Mosque, one of the oldest Mosques in East Africa. It it is actually located in Dimbani,three miles away from Kizimkazi. According to a kufic inscription, it was constructed in 1107 AD by migrants from Shiraz. The inscription and certain coral-carved ornamental features date from the time of construction, the majority of the Mosque was rebuilt in the 18th century

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