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Jozani Forest lies about 35 km south-east of Zanzibar township in Zanzibar’s South Region. It is a narrow neck of land between the Chakwa Bay in the north and Uzi Bay to the South, is the only remaining natural forest on Unguja Island (which along with Pemba make up the islands of Zanzibar). To have a complete forest tour, you must make a visit in all 3 parts of the forest including a re-planted species of trees from different part of the world which most of them are medicinal plants, they are over 100m long, the forest sustain a wide variety of wildlife and birds, including the rare Red Colobus Monkey, it’s 10 kilometers of swamp forests and evergreen thickets provide a unique glimpse into a secretive world, you will then visit the natural bushes  where are the home of  red Colobus monkeys before you   take a very relaxing walk into a well twisted wooden bridge crossing over the shadow of the varieties mangrove species, you  must  ask your


This guided tour of three hours will take you to Jozani natural forest (it is only a natural forest in Zanzibar); where is home for rare red colobus monkeys which are species rare in the World. The smaller trees and shrubs make several sub canopies under the highest canopy. You will walk through the nature trail of the forest, which is a habitat for many species of animals.

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