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The lodge itself is in set of cottages which pronounce a calculated magnificent view of the forest about 320 ⁰ while keeper the long distance of 10km long from each Cottage to the Forest.
Both rooms are spacious connected with outside lounge, outside bathroom while give also an option of Jacuzzi inside.
Among of the best room facilities are fire chimney, a card lock systems, room lights control etc.
Rooms are in option of twins, kings, triples, and family presidential which combine a sitting room, private kitchen and small dining inside.
Triple rooms in Endoro are quite differing to those we experience to other Hotels as a third bed has its privacy including cupboards, only share a toilet.


Nature Trail Walks
Within a few minutes’ walk of Endoro Lodge we have Endoro River Nature Trails suitable for hiking, bird watching, animal viewing and plant identification.
Elephant Caves
Visit the Elephant Caves where for centuries the elephants have dug into the hills for necessary minerals and vitamins for their daily diet from different national parks like Manyara, Tarangire, Serengeti and ngorongoro itself
Endoro Waterfalls
The Endoro Waterfalls which majestically fall into the valley more than 100 meters below.

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