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Small groups of Hadzabe bushmen live around Lake Eyasi. Their language resembles the click languages of other bushmen further south in the Kalahari. Their small population was seriously threatened, in particular during the period when Julius Nyere tried to introduce his Ujuma policy. The tribe resisted the forcible settlement policies of Julius Nyerere and nowadays most of their children have never seen a doctor or school - the bush provides for all their needs and is a class room for their offspring.

They are often willing for visitors to come and see their simple bush homes where the tree canopy alone or a cave provides them with shelter. They live entirely off the bush and from hunting, generally small antelopes and baboons, although in rain seasons gazelles and antelopes come down from the Ngorongoro or Serengeti to their lush bush lands offering them richer pickings. In the recent past their hunting activities were resented by trophy hunters who tried to stop their "illegal" hunting.

The string on their lethal bows is made from giraffe tendons and the arrows are coated with a strong poison made from another tree. The commiphora tree povides excellent firewood which they kindle by rubbing wood, a green commiphora provides a mosquito-repelling sap, juice squeezed out of the sansaveria provides a cure for snake bites while aloe is used to heal cuts. Roots provide a wide range of medicines and the mighty baobab fruits as a source of drink. A few hours spent with the bushmen makes the apparently unhospitable bush country come to life and to watch them hunt a unique experience as they stealthily spot then creep up on their prey skillfully killing it.


Day 1

Ata Travel will pick you from Kilimanjaro aiport to Ata Travel hotels where you will have dinner and breakfast including the Accommodation

Day 2

After breakfast you will meet with your driver at the Hotel were will be picked for a full day game drive at lake manyara national park - dinner and overnight at Panorama Lake view FB inclusive.

Day 3

After breakast will be picked to Ngorongoro crater for full day game drive including visiting the maasai boma at kimba before overnight at Simba camp site at the Crater rim ngorongoro FB inclusive.

Day 4

After early breakfast drive to lake eyasi for a full day trail/hunting and visit different family of hanzabe at the hanzabe bush village late evening drive back to Arusha Tourist Hotels .HB inclusive

End of Trip

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4pax Above

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 $           545

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